Live Stream

Rawlinsville Mennonite Church Live Stream

Option 1: Zoom Video & Audio
Go to this link to enter the live stream with video & audio:
Meeting ID: 375 193 3855
Passcode: U3irTq

Option 2: Zoom Audio Call-in Phone Number
Dial 1-309-205-3325. Then, you will need to enter the following information.
Meeting ID: 375 193 3855#
Participant ID: #
Passcode: 870258#

Option 3: Zoom Audio Speed Dial
Paste the entire speed dial string into your phone as a contact phone number. This will enable you to enter a live stream without needing to enter the ID manually.
Speed Dial String: +1 (312) 626-6799,,3751933855#,,,,*870258#‬